Another night

I am still under whelmed and undecided about the claims on the Supreme Bed Wedge. I am still giving it a fair chance. I did buy this after I was already searching for relief after a horrible night caused by the very problem the Bed Wedge is supposed to solve. I have to believe that most people are not the upper edge case that I represent and probably were not already pushing “sick” as a result of the problem like myself. So I am still holding my opinions.

I do have to say, however, that last night was a better night’s sleep than the previous nights this week. I did feel better rested this morning. I did not feel amazingly rested. I did not feel like I had enough energy to go sprinting out of bed. I was still using my rescue inhaler to breathe. I was still having asthma flares. It was just “better.” Not a huge improvement, just better. Right now, we’ll take better because I do know from experience that typically I am fighting a good sinus infection by now and currently I do not feel like I am. I am showing signs that I might be coming down with one but I do not feel like it. So that is good. It could be misleading but it is an improvement.

I did remove the third pillow from my pile last night and just slept with the Bed Wedge and the two pillows instead. The night before I had the Bed Wedge and three pillows still. That was too much. The two pillows seemed better. The Bed Wedge does not seem comfortable without the pillows. It just seems hard. I was able to sleep on my side part of the night which is an improvement over previous sleeping conditions with the huge stack of pillows. I will take that.

The final verdict is still out there sometime in the future.

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