One last Pinewood Derby

Tonight was Kyle’s last official Cub Scout Pinewood Derby race. I have to say that it won’t be his last derby race that he’ll ever attend though. Why? Because he still has a little brother that is yet to come in Cub Scouts. His cousin is still in Cub Scouts as well. So there will be a few more races in his future, he just won’t be participating in them.

I have to say that his car ended up being a creative one. He said he wanted a twinkie. A block on wheels. I was fine with that. I just had to buy the yellow paint. Since I was less than 2 weeks post-op, this was a good plan for me. I managed to find a friend who took me to the bookstore and we stopped at the craft store right next door where I picked up a bottle of yellow paint.

Of course, if you look at this car…

A twinkie is not what he ended up with. A block on wheels, yes. A twinkie? No, not quite. Not unless that rubber duck is catching a ride on a twinkie.

I think I’ll call it the yellow fire truck or something because it is a fire fighter rubber duck.

And it is at the starting gates! Ready, set, GO!

 It had the aerodynamics of a fire truck with a big rubber duck on top as well.

In the end, it didn’t matter…Kyle was still as happy as could be.

Or maybe not. I think the face really indicates more that his mother made him take yet another picture…again…Here is to another Pinewood Derby!

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