Happy 6th Birthday, Lance!

I cannot believe you are already 6 years old! Where did the years go? You even started Kindergarten this year. Wow! My “baby” is not a baby anymore.

It was another year with another Wall-E cake. This cake pan has gotten more than one use. It is not too bad to do the stars on either. Some are not so fun. Between Bob the Builder and Wall-E we have had some duplicates.

 Present time is happy time! A remote control car. A book. And more.

 I am not sure what was happening here, but it was photo worthy. Katlynn hugging Kyle while Kyle tries to hide from the camera? This is not typically the child that “tries” to hide from the camera. *shrug*

 Getting good pictures of Katlynn are rare, but I think this is a decent picture. She is always in high motion so usually blurred…so her eyes are mostly closed…but she’s not a motion blur…

Again, I am not sure what was happening, but it was picture worthy. Evidence that the cousins all love each other? Lance, Andrew, Darin, and Katlynn sharing a group hug.

May you have a great year ahead of you, my youngest son. I love you bunches.

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