Pass a tissue, please

I get sinus infections so frequently (though less often these days than even one year ago), that they are pretty much part of the routine. The fact is that sometimes I get them bad, sometimes not so bad. The symptoms are not always prominent but sometimes they are. Today I am miserable. I HATE SINUS INFECTIONS! Of course if offered other things, I’d dutifully keep the sinus infection. The worst part is that they are just so hard to get rid of. Period. When you are allergic to (or can’t have) as many antibiotics as I am, your treatment options are limited.

The fact is, I have another sinus infection. I am run down and feeling it. Dragging something awful the past couple of days. The fact is that life goes on around me. I get up and do the things that I need to do. If I took time off for every single sniffling sinus infection, I’d be a miserably alone individual that did nothing but lay in bed. That is NO WAY to live life. Period.

So today, I got up and went to church. It as warm and uncomfortable in the Chapel so after they passed the Sacrament, I excused myself and sat in the foyer where it was cooler. I am truly grateful for the speakers in the foyer so while I was not in the Chapel I could still hear the words of the songs. I sat through a few minutes of Sunday School but then left and returned to the foyer where I sat and quietly tried to focus enough to read my scriptures and the part of the lesson that was being taught that day. Fortunately, the Relief Society room was a bit more comfortable and I was able to sit and listen. While I was not feeling too hot, I was able to listen and be uplifted by the wonderful lesson.

I am grateful for those uplifts…it is a good thing we get a new opportunity each week so if we do have to miss out on them due to illness or whatever we have more opportunities to partake.

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