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Before I send off the digital picture frame to my mother-in-law, I wanted to get some good, current pictures of the three boys together. On that note, I should add that we really need to get a good family picture.

I told the boys to get on matching clothes. I left the finer details to them. I was taking a huge risk here. I simply told them that I wanted them to match and they needed to be in jeans and tennis shoes. The rest was up to them. I did specify that they needed to be clean clothes and pointed to Kyle and said that he needed jeans that did not have holes. I also told them that I wanted them to be ready to go to the park to get these pictures by the time I got back from running a couple of errands. I added that I would probably be gone about an hour.

They dutifully set about getting dressed in matching shirts, jeans, and their tennis shoes after eating lunch. They were all ready to go when I got home even. That was a nice bonus that they actually did what I asked them to do. I have to admit that I did purposely take a tad longer than an hour to get my errands done. I wanted to get them as much opportunity to succeed as possible on this task.

We then wandered off to Theis Attaway Park in Tomball. Now this park, in my opinion, was a bit disappointing. There just isn’t much to it. It is more of a nature park with asphalt trails than a park. That is pretty much the extent of the 4 acres that make up this park. There was a not so beautiful pond that supposedly had fish in it. I cannot actually confirm that it had fish in it because all that I saw was the itty bitty minnow type fish. Anything more spectacular than that was not seen by my eyes. There was nothing spectacular about the park outside of the stone wall that offered lice, layered seating – nice for family or group pictures.

My willing photo subjects quickly became not so willing victims. Yes, they were playing the victim card very well. It was honest to goodness torture for them. Evidently my statement of “we’re going to a park” was a bit misleading to Lance and Kyle. Lance just wanted to play. Andrew wanted to be anywhere but there. Kyle wanted to climb on things. Kyle was probably the most cooperative of the three.

Long story short, I did manage to get a few good pictures of the boys – together. I am even considering having a few of them printed at 8″x10″ size to give to various people who would be delighted to have pictures of the boys. One of those persons would of course be ME!

I even got decent pictures of each of the boys by themselves. This was a pure bonus if you ask me.




Getting them to line up was an interesting experience, but check out this totem pole. I am sure before too long it will be evenly spaced height-wise as Andrew is growing like crazy in height right now.

Oh and I found out that Kyle does not have a pair of jeans that do NOT have holes in at least one knee. I guess I’ll have to be shopping for jeans for him and Andrew. Kyle because he has holey jeans and Andrew because he is getting to tall for all of his.

Now to get through the rest of the week and all the festivities that go with it. Kyle’s karate test is on Wednesday and Andrew’s birthday is on Thursday.

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