Feeling better? Not Really!

So I’ve been on strong antibiotics for a few days now. The good news is that my sinus issues are clearing up. The not so cool part? I feel like crap. My stomach hurts so bad.

After throwing up last night (wee hours of the morning, not sure, can’t remember) I felt a tad better, but my stomach seriously hurt. Don’t worry, I am very careful not to take any medicine without food. This yields problems, so I’ve gotten out of that habit many many months ago. Something about chemically induced gastritis that will put all bad medicine taking habits into remission.

I’ve taken this medicine before. I remember the side-effects well. The fact is that it is a strong antibiotic. It has some nasty side-effects. I do NOT remember this side-effect. Of course this could be the difference between my stomach now and my stomach the last time I took it (some 5+ years ago). A lot has changed in that time. I do remember the heartburn that it causes. Should I mention here that you aren’t supposed to take it with ant-acids? This time around, it takes heartburn and/or reflux to an all new level. Yep, that’s how bad my stomach hurts. Flat out hurts. I just want to hurl.

The good news is that the sinus infection is near being history. The not so good news is that my stomach is not liking me right now. I made it through church – barely. If it had not been for Andrew’s being set-apart as the Deacon’s Quorum Secretary today, I am not sure I would have gone at all. I was tempted to leave during sacrament meeting. I stuck it out.

I came home from church. I ate and made sure the kids ate. I then proceeded to fall asleep in the recliner. I slept until Ben came home from his after church meetings and dealings. I think that was sometime around 6-6:30PM. I can’t tell you for sure though. It was late. I felt a tad better after sleeping. Might be because I didn’t sleep well last night. Or the night before that. Or most of the week before that.

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