Everyone should check their policy

In case of not so major emergency, you should know what the stand alone urgent care center will charge verses the full fledged hospital emergency room. After today, I am truly grateful that our health insurance does distinguish between “urgent care” and “emergency room” visit. My sister, Ann, found out this afternoon that hers does not.

We stopped at 2 different urgent care centers as you have to be careful with these as some do not take insurance, some are considered out-of-network for insurance plans, etc. If you are not aware of what yours covers, it is worth looking into.

We ended up at the one where I normally take the boys. My sister had to pay her full emergency room co-pay for her visit. She needed to. She injured her leg earlier in the week and it was very painful for her today. I knew she was not feeling well when we were heading out for lunch together and she handed me the keys to her Tahoe.

Turns out she “severed” 2 blood vessels, crushed a nerve, and caused extensive, deep bruising when she fell up concrete stairs on the Houston Community College campus earlier in the week. Yeah, no fun at all. Definitely painful. Fortunately, she will be fine if she rests it and keeps off of it. Fortunately, it was not broken.

She needed flat shoes to wear. She had only high heeled shoes. We ended up at mom’s house as she has shoes that are closer in size. We still hadn’t made it to lunch yet at this point. We found her some flip-flops and then Mom, Jennifer, Ann, and I headed out to Fudruckers after dropping Katlynn off at my house to play with her cousins. It was a nice lunch. It was the first time that all us “girls” had been to lunch together, alone and together. It was nice.

They had the open house for the new church building today. I hope that they had a great turn out for this. It was open to the entire community to walk through the building and to just check it out. I wanted to go hear the choir sing, at least, because a few of my friends were singing. Alas, taking my sister to the urgent care center and then lunch cut right into that time and I ended up missing the open house all together. It is all good though. I wouldn’t trade lunch out with my mom and sisters for that. Besides, I get to see the building anytime I have a church meeting to go to.

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