Back into the swing of things this week

I make it no secret that week nights can sometimes be hectic. It really is not that much, just that I have to be somewhere with certain kids at certain times. My goal every year is to make it all fit in within the bounds of Monday through Thursday and so that activities don’t over lap. That isn’t always possible because of church activities and the fact that they move around on a whim sometimes. Irritates me, but we make it work…somehow.

This week we get to get back into the swing of things, now that things are starting to get reorganized after all the new ward restructuring and what not at church. Of course, it is still a light load because Andrew is out of Karate until the end of the week thanks to his most recent trip to urgent care.

Yesterday afternoon was picking Kyle up from the school from Choir practice. I was informed that Choir would be ending sometime toward the end of March. Yesterday night was karate for Lance and Kyle. I let Kyle just do one hour since I still had not fed them dinner and I had homemade pizzas sitting on the stove ready to go into the oven. Besides Andrew was not there and Lance’s class is only one hour long.

This afternoon was picking Andrew up from school after his private cello lesson. Tonight we did karate with Kyle for 2 hours. Lance and I ran to the urgent care center after dropping Kyle off to get Andrew’s PE excuse note. Then we went back to Grandma’s house to hang out. I finished filling out Andrew’s off-campus PE forms so I could use mom’s copier to make copies. Then back to pick up Kyle and then stop at the grocery store to get milk.

Tomorrow is piano lessons, karate for Lance, and Young Men’s (youth group at church). Wednesday is the crazy day for me. This week, fortunately, Cub Scouts is on Thursday night. I’ll take Andrew and Kyle to piano lessons and drop them off. I then take Lance to the karate studio and drop him off. I then drive back to piano to get the older two. Then I’ll swing Andrew over to the church and drop him off and then go pick up Lance. Then go get Andrew. Yep, Wednesday nights are chaotic at best. Fortunately, I don’t have to squeeze Kyle’s drop off and pick up in there too. That makes for crazy!

Thursday is usually karate for Andrew and Kyle. This week it is just cub scouts for Kyle. We’ll see where they choose to put Cub Scouts now with all the new leaders, if they even have them all called/assigned yet.

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