Merry Christmas

May everyone have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

This year I have had a hard time getting into the whole spirit of Christmas. I just wasn’t feeling it. The events of the past year have probably contributed to the problem, but simple reflection on the whole purchase purchase purchase of the holidays was really wearing me down. The sales weren’t impressive. The gifts weren’t the right gifts. I truly struggled with making everything perfect.

The truth is, the holiday goes one whether we get into the mood or not. The kids enjoy themselves whether the get everything on their “wish list” or not. Just so we’re clear, my children NEVER get everything on their “wish list.” In fact, I am not sure they got more than a couple of items on their “wish lists” this year. After all, they are simply that, wishes.

This year my goal was to go with a bit more meaning and a bit more impact. I am not talking life altering, but something that last or keep on giving. This is hard sometimes. I struggled with finding the perfect gifts for my children…my own children.

Alas, the day went off just fine. The presents were all bought (well mostly). The presents were all wrapped and under the tree. The infamous Santa made his visit and the kids were even able to leave him Penguins to eat. The transitions between the various family locations went on without too much ruckus and complaint. I’ll even confess that the whole even feeling like a “gift fest” wasn’t as bad as it has been in years past.


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