Maybe I’ll get that quilt made after all.

I have been fabric store hopping lately. As many of you know, this is not my favorite thing to do, especially with a 5 year old in tow. However, it must be done. To date, I almost have the gift for Ben’s step-mother made (almost finished) and a quilt made for Ben’s brother. Yay me! The gift for Sally is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Andrew has declared that he thinks that Sitty will like it. I think Paul will be delighted regardless.

Anyway, Mom has been buying quilting magazines and I’ve been flipping through them. I don’t have to buy the magazines as she buys them. Of course, I have to confess that if I find a LOT of things in a single magazine that I would put together myself, I will buy the magazine. I did buy the one that Sally’s gift came from. It has lots of nice things in it.

Let me remind you that I still have a LOT of fabric that I was collecting to make Margaret a quilt. I decided a few weeks ago that I’d make it for myself to enjoy and I’d always remember who it was for and why. Finding the perfect quilt design isn’t always easy. I wanted to do a “starry night” type design. Well, flipping through one of mom’s magazines this past week, I found one that with modifications might actually work for what I am envisioning. I will sit on it for a while, I am sure. Mostly because I have too much going on already. I need more time in the day to get everything done.

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