Until we meet again…

This morning my longest and dearest friend passed away. She had spent several weeks in ICU in a local hospital clinging to life. It is a sobering event to watch someone who is not much older than yourself (1 month) and relatively healthy become that sick so quickly. She passed away from the complications of pneumonia. She battled this pneumonia for over 5 weeks. It was a battle she lost this morning.

My heart broke when visiting her, but remained hopeful that she would just recover. I took joy in those days that were better than others. All the while I was trying to prepare myself for the worst. None of us wanted to admit mortality during this time. I firmly believe in miracles and I won’t lie, I was praying for one!

I also believe in God’s Will. His hand was there to welcome her home. To free her from her pain and suffering. To free her of her mortal miseries. She is in a much better place today.

This doesn’t take away the pain. There is lots of emotional pain. We were friends for so long that she was considered by my own family as an extension to the family. I called her parents “mom and dad” and she did likewise. There were so many memories, good and bad, in the past 25+ years. They are memories that I will always cherish.

While her time on this earth was too short, she was dearly loved. She quietly touched so many lives in her own little ways. She was so quiet but so loving and so giving. She inspired many many lives in the passing years. Many who may not have kept in touch with her, but who like myself, will always remember her and the way that she touched their lives.

This is not good-bye, this is so long…UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN…

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