September already?

Where did the year go? I can’t believe how fast the summer seemed to disappear this year. I know it is all perception. I guess we were having a lot of fun. I am not sure I can say that entirely, but we did to some degree.

But, September already? My goodness! The boys have been back in school for just over a week.

Today Andrew had his first private cello lesson with his new teacher. I have to say that we liked the last private instructor that he had, the time just wasn’t the best fit. I truly wanted a 4pm lesson. One right after school so that he could walk from his locker and go straight to his lesson in the orchestra room. I’d just go pick him up at 4:30pm (about the time he’d be getting off the school bus anyway). I emailed his teacher this morning to give a brief overview of him and his skills, interests, etc. She emailed back tonight after his lesson and she seems nice enough. Andrew liked her enough. He said that she had the piece they are working on memorized. He admitted that this was a challenging piece for him. We’ll see if he still likes the teacher alright after September disappears.

This morning, Johnnie brought me more karate tournament videos to edit. I’ve been waiting for weeks for these. I’ll get started on them tomorrow. I am actually looking forward to working on them. I am not sure why the sudden change of heart, but I suppose the delay and waiting has made it a bit more enticing? Who knows. The truth be told is that this will finish up the “bartering” of services we agreed on this summer to help cover the cost of the nieces and nephew’s karate lessons for the time they were here. Of course, the fact that he brought me 5 entirely new tournaments will go above and beyond the balance remaining on the barter tab. I won’t complain though. Of course, I need to remind him to finalize the 2 discs from the 2 previously worked on tournaments so that I can finish those tournaments up as well.

Here’s to a good and joy filled September!

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