It is the 6th, not the 30th

So my anemia is kicking my backside the past few days. I simply can’t wake up. Well I can wake up as I have been getting up for early morning scripture study, but I shortly fall back asleep afterward and will sleep for a couple more hours. This morning, I heard Ben leave for his early Sunday meetings (incurred with his new calling as the Ward Executive Secretary) but I quickly fell back asleep after he kissed me good-bye. Fortunately, the boys are good children and self-sufficient in the mornings.

I didn’t wake up until almost 9:30am. I still had to do the programs/bulletin/announcements for the meeting. I quickly tried to pull myself together. While getting the body physically moving is one thing…getting the mind’s pistons firing at all the proper times is an entirely different thing. I opened the file from the previous week. I saved it with the new date in the file name. I then proceeded to make changes…skipping right over the very first thing that I always change before saving the file with the new file name…the date for the Sunday we are on that week. I added all the new announcements to the back. I printed my test copy to make sure everything was fine. I then proceeded to print another 70 copies…

We get to church and wouldn’t you know it…there it read August 30, 2009 instead of September 6, 2009. *banging head on wall*

Oh well…it happens from time to time…I make no claims for perfection in this area. Sometimes it just happens…Everything else was right…

It was another noisy meeting. That comes as no surprise. I try to ignore it but I simply can’t. It does really bug me. More than it should probably, but it isn’t something that is going to go away. I will just have to continue to learn to get over it every week. Until then, I’ll probably continue to complain here. You’ll have to just get over it. That or figure out how to instill the principles of reverence in everyone else for me. It is a big job…It is not a job that only one person can do alone…it takes a joint effort each and every week.

That being said, the ward is growing by leaps and bundles of babies. They blessed 4 babies during the meeting today. Wow! Yes, 4 more babies to add to the noise level. It is never ceases to amaze me when new families move in even if we lose one, we’ll acquire more in short time.

All in all it was a good meeting. I’ve taken the stance that it isn’t always about what “I” get out of the meeting anymore. I would have hoped that now that my children can sit reverently through the meeting that I’d start to get more out of the meetings. Evidently, my time for this has not come. Really though, we do need to think that it isn’t always about us during our church meetings…there is a time and a season for everything and sometimes we’re not supposed to get much…others we are…I’m trying to be patient. I truly feel that I am at at a point in my life where I should be getting something out of the meetings again…

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