Hits close to home

Yesterday as I was making dinner my best friend’s mother called to let me know that Margaret was in the hospital. Not only was she in the hospital, she had been moved to ICU that morning. Wow! Tuesday she posted on Facebook that she had been diagnosed with bronchitis – a cough that wouldn’t go away took her into the doctor. That was Tuesday. By Friday evening she as admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. By Saturday morning she was in ICU.

I finished cooking dinner for the family and then drove down to the Memorial City Hospital to see her. I got there and she looked like death had warmed over. She looked like she felt like absolute crap. She was breathing like she had just run a marathon (and she’s done this before) and she was just sitting in the bed. She was pale and sweaty looking. Pneumonia can be some wicked stuff.

I didn’t stay long. I had things I needed to be doing at home. I was there maybe an hour. She was trying to carry on conversation that it was clear that it was a struggle to talk and breathe. I felt awful for her as she looked absolutely miserable.

It wouldn’t stop there though. Sometime late Saturday night they intubated her – tube down her throat and hooked to a respirator. I am still completely in shock at how someone can go from bronchitis to tubed in less than a week’s time. How does pneumonia get that bad so quickly?

So Margaret is having a rough go of it right now. Prayers for Margaret are greatly appreciated. We have been friends for a very long time. My earliest memory of Margaret is in Kindergarten. My earliest memory of our deep friendship is in 3rd Grade. It is hard to see the people you love suffering in anyway.

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