Fabric stores just aren’t the same

So mom needed to wander to the fabric store yesterday so she could get some autumn themed fabrics for a project they are doing in Relief Society in their ward. Evidently, they have a quilting club or something and they actually have monthly projects. Well not every month, but it is supposedly starting back up again. She was working on the “fall” themed project – table runners. They are cute. She had 4 to choose from. Jennifer (my little sister) and I picked the same one as our favorite. *laugh* The same for our next favorite as well and what we’d rather see that pattern as…Christmas. Love you mom!

So mom, Lance, and I wandered to the fabric store to check it out. I have to say that while Joann’s has cleaned up the store again, it isn’t the most enticing place on the planet. It was better organized and it didn’t feel like all things craft were encroaching on the all things sewing part of the store. They had the fabrics on one side of the store. They had the crafting, scrapbooking, and other needlework stuff on the other side. This included all the yarn and things. They had the in between things – things that can be used in both crafts and sewing – like ribbons, buttons, notions, etc in the middle. They had the seasonal stuff in the middle as well. This was the fall decor and the Halloween stuff. The home decor stuff was at the back of the store. Much nicer and easier to find things.

The problem is, I just wasn’t super impressed with the fabric selection. I don’t know what I was thinking. I mean, I’ve got this itch to sew and can’t find anything that impresses me. I just want some boyish flannel. Flannel that has something on it, but isn’t so boyish that I wouldn’t use it. Patterned but not babyish. I want something that will grow with the boys for a time to come. I mean, blankets don’t just last one season. I do not want a solid. I’ve got rough ideas and well…I need to be enabled to execute the ideas and make them reality.

I also was curious as to what I could find to make Andrew an hakama. I just didn’t find anything that was Andrew – that was representative of Andrew and his personality. He’s looking pretty good with his sword form.

I even thought about making Lance a Halloween costume. He wants to be a pirate or Batman. He couldn’t commit.

Anyway, I survived a trip to the fabric store and didn’t spend a dime. Maybe the next trip will be more productive.

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