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So today I had a business meeting with a client. We were supposed to discuss his web site primarily. I was also going to work on his computer. This was not supposed to be a big deal as it was simply that his computer speakers were no longer working for some reason. That’s fairly easy to fix, often it is just a matter of holding your mouth right when you plug them in or fiddle with them. He assured me that the speakers have been tested on another computer and they do in fact work. This is good knowledge to have.

The meeting that I estimated would take a couple of hours, lasted much longer than that. I got there at noon. I left around 4pm. Yikes! The computer problems were not just the fact that the speakers didn’t work. I don’t hold this against the individual at all. I think that they simply did not know the true extent of the problems. It kept locking up and we could not get an audio CD to play so we could test the speakers. We could not even adjust the volume on the computer at all. Yeah, not your average problem with speakers…

So this is how it started…web design meeting…turned computer repair session…turned, I’ll take it home and do it at home as this is not going to just fix itself. I have managed to get AVG off the computer as it did not install correctly due to the viruses playing games with us. I could not even get to the major anti-virus web pages. It was not fun. We’re talking endless hours of baby sitting this computer to bring it back to “safe” standards from this point forward. The truth was…when I mentioned to this individual…”It will be cheaper for me to take it and do it than for you to take it somewhere else.” We’ll see just how bad this is tomorrow.

Which brings me to my next point…

If you do not run a virus and spy-ware scanner regularly, you really need to be popped upside the head! There I said it. If you have a PC computer, you MUST run an anti-virus program on it regularly…DAILY! You do not have to do a deep scan every day, but you should always have a quick scan running weekly, a deep scan monthly, but you should have scanning going on in the background on various things like email, ftp, instant messaging, etc. Period! It is not negotiable. Your consequence for not doing such can be very costly!!! You are entitled to pay whatever fee you are handed to fix it if you don’t. The same holds true for spy-ware on a regular basis. Set it up on a schedule and make sure it runs…don’t interrupt it, let it run. Don’t forget to turn it back on if you need to turn it off. Keep them updated.

The price you spend on good anti-virus software is less than you will spend disinfecting your computer!!!

Of course, the trip was not completely wasted. We did get some progress on the site design itself. Not to the point of launching tomorrow, but ideas. A feel for what he wants and likes. We settled on a logo! Yay! I even know what kind of overall look and feel I need to establish for the website. Now to get the seamless background created…

He even showed me the magazine ads I had done for him. They looked absolutely FANTASTIC! I was so excited to see them. They looked fabulous for being first time magazine ads. I can’t wait to do another one.

There was some encouragement that the idea I have in my head for some “teaching” opportunities could work out. I won’t get into this in depth, but it will be for all of you who need/want to learn about computers and various programs but do not want to spend a fortune doing it. We’re talking totally affordable and only what you want to learn. You pick. You learn. I have to continue to develop the plan/idea, but there is something in the works. Since I’ve had 3 people now tell me that they would be the first person in line, I’m going to have to start outlining my ideas on paper and see if we can get it up and valid sooner rather than later.

So all in all a lengthy but good meeting…

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