Three weeks!

Three weeks from today school starts! Yay! Yes, I am ready. I’ve been ready for a couple of weeks.

I still have a couple of items to still go get as far as school supply shopping, but it isn’t so bad. I am down to the last few items. I need to get a 2-3″ binder for Victoria. I need to get fine tip markers for Kyle. I need to get red, green, blue, and black 1″ binders for Andrew. I also have to find Andrew some biology paper. *scratching head*

I think today mom and I managed to knock out all other things on the 6 lists we had: Katlynn (Kindergarten), Darin (1st), Brianna (3rd), Kyle (4th), Victoria (6th), and Andrew (7th). Mom was taking care of the few things on Katlynn’s list that Jenn wasn’t able to get while we were out getting all the great deals. I’ll have to double check the lists again and see what is left. Today, however, mom and I wandered out with Darin and Lance and we went shopping. We covered a lot of ground and got a lot of stuff. It was another horrible hot day but the kids were well behaved considering.

I know that Victoria and Andrew will have more items to acquire after the first day of school, but I am grateful to have the basics well taken care of before they get there. I hope that this lessons the burden on Victoria’s mother.

The count down is ON!

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