I just need a few more hours each day

There are some days where there never seem to be enough hours in the day. Yesterday was that kind of day. Yesterday was just crazy busy due to the extras for the day.

We were at the high school pool for swimming lessons by 8:10am. I left the pool with the 4 youngest kids at 9:10am and drove home. The kids rotated through the showers and dressed.

Brianna prepared the table for lunch and got everything out. Lunch by 11:15am. I sat and cut, sorted, and pulled coupons that I needed for the grocery trip of the day.

Out the door by 11:45am with all the kids. Stopping at grandma’s house to deposit the youngest ones with instructions to practice the piano (Brianna and Kyle).

I had the oldest 2 kids to the high school pool before 12:20pm. Out the door again at 1:10pm. Back to grandma’s house.

An hour of piano practice (30 minutes each) on grandma’s new piano for the oldest two kids. I sat and re-hemmed up Andrew’s scout pants.

Back home again for the oldest two to shower, prepare for dinner (load dishwasher, etc), rotate sprinklers on the crunchy grass, etc. The kids all went and rode bikes and played outside in the driveway for a couple of hours (even as hot as it was). I showered.

Out the door by 5:15pm to get to Klein High School for Andrew’s 5:30pm cello lesson. Then dropped him off at a friend’s house. I went the few blocks back to my parents’ house and sat and sorted all the coupons I had pulled into my individual grocery store transactions (3 each store).

I was out the door and on the way to the church by 6:48pm. Made it to the church by 7:05pm for Relief Society Enrichment meeting. Andrew walked to grandma’s house after he was done at his friend’s house, grabbed his cello, and grandpa drove him home for dinner.

I think I left the church about 9:15pm and headed straight to the grocery store. I got done at Randall’s about 10:15pm. I stopped at What-a-burger to get dinner (chicken strips) as the potluck we were supposed to have at Enrichment Meeting wasn’t that and I hadn’t eaten anything before hand. I couldn’t wait any longer, I was starting to get a bit shakey. I decided I had done enough and Kroger was just going to have to be skipped (there wasn’t anything super vital on the list at Kroger anyway, at least not that couldn’t be waited on).

Back home about 10:45pm and unloaded all the food items from the car (there are still boxes of garbage bags and toilet paper in the back of my car) and put the cold stuff in the fridge/freezer. I then emptied the dryer, reloaded the dryer, and then reloaded the washing machine with all the swimming towels and suits from the day. I had to stay up until I put those in the dryer so they would be ready to go this morning.

In bed about 2:30am this morning, back up again at 7:15am.

Today should be a bit more peaceful. I do need to run to the grocery store to get stuff for Friday night’s dinner, but nothing pressing until Friday afternoon if I don’t get around to it. I am currently sitting outside the pool room at the high school waiting for the older 2 kids to finish up swimming lessons. We’ll stop at grandma’s on the way home to check on her (dentist appointment today) and grab some thread that matches Andrew’s Arrow of Light Scout patch and shirt. I’ll quickly sew that on for him. Home for those two to shower.

This evening I am not sure what we’ll be doing for dinner. I am thinking breakfast for dinner. Pancakes, eggs, and sausage is what I am thinking. I’ve got some fresh fruit we can top the pancakes with. Not sure.

Then it is cub scouts and scouts. Andrew has to be at scouts early tonight (6:30 pm instead of 7 pm) for his Board of Review. *gasp* How did he get that point in life? This is his first. He’ll do just fine. He’ll be receiving something like 12 or 13 of the 15 merit badges. Yikes! I am not sure where cub scouts is tonight.

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