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Last night was a partial run to the grocery store. I ran to pick up something quick and easy and cheap for dinner and the required milk supply (6 gallons). I ran to HEB and grabbed supplies for 7-layer dip – guacamole, fresh salsa, and tortilla chips. We would have even more extra mouths to feed as Katlynn and Jennifer were coming so that Katlynn could play with her cousins. Mom, Dad, and Jonathan would join us for dinner. A party. Completely unplanned, unscripted, and unstressed.

So I’ll confess, 7-layer dip around this house does not have 7 layers. It has:

(1.) refried beans
(2.) cheese
(3.) guacamole and salsa blend
(4.) fajita meat
(5.) cheese

Even with the lack of layers it is sure to please everyone. I made two 8″x8″ pans of the stuff tonight and I did not have ANY left. Well, I had chips left.

So between the stuff for dinner and the 6 gallons of required milk for the week, I spent $37. Not too bad since milk was $12 of that.

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