You called me

So Admiral AC was supposed to come and do our AC tune-up service this afternoon. It didn’t happen. They called the middle of the last week. Since the price of the service was roughly 50% off what we paid the previous year and they will include 1 pound of freon per unit (so 2 pounds), we decided we probably wouldn’t find a better deal. So we set it up so they would come today between 1pm and 3pm.

I got tired of waiting around and 3:51pm I was on the phone wondering where my tech was because they certainly hadn’t shown up. Evidently, they had tried to call us and verify our “appointment” and didn’t get us. “Your phone number is listed here as being disconnected.” What?!!? That means that YOU screwed up and put in the wrong number. Now keep in mind that Admiral was the one that called me last week so they should have KNOWN my phone number because they called and set up the appointment. We’ve had to them do work for us before, so this is not like we are NEW customers.

The lady said she could send someone out later that evening after they finished the job the tech was headed to currently. Remember, it is almost 4pm. You can, but I am walking out the door at 5:30pm if they are done or not. Since Ben had just left to go to D-Cubed to work some more, he wasn’t going to be reliable on being there to allow them to finish (or start their job). So I had to reschedule. Naturally, the first available appointment is next Tuesday. *rolling eyes* I mean, this is Texas and it is going into summer after all…

So we wait…

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