Now that I’ve recovered

Today I have made some progress in the things that I’ve needed to do…

I am a little closer to being done gathering supplies for hosting my nieces and nephew this summer. I need to still continue to stock up in the food department, but other things I am closer on. I am feeling less stressed anyway. I still need to figure out some sort of sheet and mattress covering for the cot mattresses. I need to finish figuring out more of what we’re going to do academically this summer, etc. I am feeling less overwhelmed.

I am nearly done with the magazine ad I am working on for a client. I am loving working with this client. We may not speak the same expertise language, but we are meshing nicely. It is definitely offering me a challenge, but it is opening the door for me in other areas as well. I am so excited about doing this ad. I should have it finished up by tomorrow afternoon and then we submit it. Then we’re working on finalizing the logo for his “branding” and then the website design itself.

I also made some headway on editing videos for the karate website. I am doing that on a contract type basis so it doesn’t get overwhelming. Well in theory. I have 3 tournaments to do right now because he waited and brought them all at one time. Naturally, it is when I have other things to get done and a busy time of the school year. It is OK. Today I sat down and managed to get half of one tournament captured onto the computer, edited, converted the file type, and uploaded to the website. I probably would have done the entire tournament today but for some reason I couldn’t read the mini-dvd for the first half of the tournament. Hopefully tonight I will be able to get another one of the tournaments started (captured at the very least).

This week was really looking to be off to a bad start with the air conditioning tune-up/inspection revealing some not so pleasant news. Unfortunately, it is what it is. It is not good news, but it is a reminder that comparison bidding is extremely important. We got two radically different price quotes for the same type of work. It isn’t going to be a cheap fix, but one that will need to be done whether we do it now or do it when it dies (and when will that be?). If we keep running as is, the inefficiency will only get worse.

At least the week isn’t ending bleakly. Tonight I had a great girls’ night out with Marissa and Nicole. Thanks! It was great to just sit and have a leisurely dinner with great friends and conversation. I was serious about doing this at least once a month during the summer. If nothing else, I am going to need it just to get away from it all for a little while. If only for a little while, an escape will likely be the highlight.

Tomorrow Andrew is taking a really big karate test. As if advancing to black belt wasn’t big enough! I am extremely proud of him. He has come a long way over the years and he has earned every ounce of this recognition. Tomorrow Andrew will be testing for his 2nd degree black belt and instructor certification. *gasp* He is 12! I am proud of you son! GO GET THEM! Don’t worry, I’ll get it all on tape and will be standing behind the camera!!!

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