Is there a better way to celebrate?

Andrew said that he wanted to steak for dinner after he took his karate test last night. Last night he was too sore and too tired to care one way or the other. So this afternoon, I took him to the Potatoe Patch to get a steak. He likes this restaurant because they throw the rolls at you. The steaks aren’t the best. The chicken fried steak leaves something to be desired. But the atmosphere is fun because there is a lot of rolls and muffins going through the air.

So after we went to have lunch, we ran a couple of errands. I needed to get some caulk remover to help soften the silicone caulk and loosen it up so that I can strip it out of the shower in the master bathroom. I spent the morning with my new Sonic Scrubber, scrubbing the walls trying to get the soap scum and stuff loose. Sometimes it really does stink to live where there is incredibly hard water. I also found a grout patch type tube that we’re going to try. We have several places where the grout has cracked. I grabbed a grout saw so I can saw down the grout and use this patch to fill in the places. I grabbed a commercial grade shower cleaner as well as I was out of the cleaner that I used. This stuff is supposed to be take off lime, calcium, rust, and hard water stains. It is also supposed to easily break up soap scum. So, this time 2 weeks from now our master shower should be back in working order. I say 2 weeks because pulling caulking out is NO fun whatsoever. It is not a job for the faint of heart. It is a lot of work. Since I also want to do the grout, I figure I have to give it a bit more time. The stuff says at least 72 hours to dry before allowing water to hit it, so we’re talking at least 4 days there by the time I’ve gotten it ready and used the stuff. But at least I am started on it.

Little Lance is sick again. Not sure with what, yet. He’s got a nasty cough. He’s coughing a lot. He threw up earlier this afternoon. He was running a fever before bed. Right now he’s upstairs coughing up a storm. When I gave him a junior strength motrim and then got him in bed, I realized that this was the last of the “pill” motrim that is dosed small enough for him. There were only 2 more in the bottle. Alas I had to go out to get some more because we’d need some tomorrow (Sunday) if he was still running a fever. I head to the nearest Walgreen’s to find the pharmacy closed. The store was open, but the pharmacy had closed an hour earlier. They didn’t even have the pills that you swallow, just the chewable stuff. Not that it was that big of a deal, but these pills are tiny and Lance will actually take them without any hesitation.

Evidently, many of the Walgreen’s that had 24-hour pharmacies in them have cut back the pharmacy hours. There is only a single 24-hour pharmacy in this part of town and it isn’t exactly close. We’re talking a 25 minute drive from here. I’d make the drive in a heartbeat if I had to, but it wasn’t that big of an emergency. All I wanted was some regular Sudafed. The Sudafed PE formula causes insomnia for me, so I’d rather not take it if I don’t have to.

I swung by the other Walgreen’s on the way and fortunately their pharmacy is open later than the one closest to our house (this other one is only about 3 miles from there). It used to be a 24-hour pharmacy. They also did not have the motrim I was looking for, but they did have the chewable pills in both motrim and tylenol. I grabbed one of each.

I even got my Sudafed. I wanted the 48 count box, but the computer threw me out as being over my “limit”. I couldn’t remember buying any in the last month, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t. I just don’t remember. I had them try again with the 24 count and it went through. Sure enough, when I got home and looked there was a 96 count box in the bathroom linen closet.

The reality is that it would really suck for a family of 5 to catch a cold at the exact same time. I think I’ll try to pick up at least 1 small box of the stuff each month so we have some for when the entire family catches the crud because you know it will happen. Since I take it fairly regularly because of my allergies, it is good to have on hand anyway.

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