I have seen it all now…or not…

So a friend of mine (Hi, Jolie) was telling on Facebook about how her child cleaned up their own mess without being told to. Score! Of course she got whacked in the head by the broom handle. Ouch!

For those of you who are all too familiar with this occurrence, this is for you: ” dust pan on a stick .” Trust me, you’ll love it!

This is not the one I have, but it is similar. It will give you an idea of what I am talking about. The one I have actually closes shut when the pan is in its vertical configuration.

But while I was searching for an example of what I was talking about, so they would understand…I found this: ReadiVac Power Pan. An automatic dustpan?

My response to this? Well…I do have a dustpan on a stick. I love it. In light of this, I am not sure that I would EVER go back to bending over to use a dustpan willingly even if it proclaimed itself to be the “best dustpan on earth.” I am a pretty hard sell on these things.

But really? A dustpan with a built in vacuum? Why not just straight for the vacuum? Oh wait, I have: Eureka Stick Vac.

I don’t have this particular one, but it is similar to this. Mine is lime green. LOVE IT!

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