Things you don’t always see

So Jonathan and I were coming back from Lone Star College–Tomball this afternoon after running a couple of other errands.

Errands? Let me start there. First we started at Target. I wanted to check their Easter clearance to see if I could find some Cadbury Mini Eggs and regular Cadbury eggs. I struck out on both accounts. I did manage to get caramel and orange creme Cadbury eggs and M&Ms fairly cheaply, but alas not what I was looking for. I was totally surprised that Target cleared out the Easter stuff so quickly. We’re talking it was almost gone. The lady at the register said that they didn’t get as much stuff this year. That’s sad. I’ve struck out on the above at Walgreens (where I usually find these things) and Kroger.

Then we were down to Dr Penn’s office (Penn Eye Care) to pick up Jonathan’s contact lenses.

Anyway, on the way home (by way of Whataburger for him)…we’re sitting at a stop light and I look up and see this strange “hat.” Jonathan asks if he was seeing a KFC bucket. I guess we were looking at the same thing. Mr Sanders was on his head. This car diagonally from us had a KFC bucket on his head! *laugh* Of course we were too far to get a good picture with a cell phone and I didn’t have my camera with me or else you’d be now laughing hysterically at the picture we were seeing. I wanted to know if he was the only nut. As we drive by, sure enough the guy in the passenger seat also had a KFC bucket upside down on his head. Strange new trend in hats! I am still chuckling over this.

I hit the grocery store tonight while the boys were at karate. I was instructed by my dear, sweet husband to get two things: (1) milk and (2) Totinos pizzas. The pizzas are his “stressed out” food of choice. We were down to 2 gallons of milk in the extra fridge. In our house, that typically starts the “crisis” stage of the milk supply. I hadn’t been to the grocery store yet this week. As most of you know, I usually go on Monday or Tuesday. I didn’t have my coupons. I wasn’t prepared. This is bad, right? Well tonight it wasn’t too bad. I didn’t actually do too bad. While my husband might only request those 2 things, my boys have been complaining for 4-5 days about the cereal supply in the house…evidently 3 boxes isn’t sufficient. So I bought…lots of fruit (strawberries, blueberries, bananas, apples, and oranges), 3 loaves of wheat breads, 4 boxes of Diet Coke and/or Coke Zero, 6 gallons of milk, 2 jars of peanut butter, 2 packages (6 count) of apple sauce cups, 8 boxes of cereal (4 Kelloggs, 4 General Mills), 1 large canister of raisins, 1 packages of large mailing envelops (for Andrew), and 8 Totinos party pizzas. All of that? Full cart! Sub-$90. Next week, I’ll do better.

I went to finish my block for my knitted sampler afghan while I was waiting for Andrew at cello lessons tonight. I grabbed the bag that had all the knitting stuff for this project in it on the way back out the door to go back to the school where he was. I dropped Kyle and the cold and/or frozen groceries off at the house and went back for him. Mostly because it is close to bedtime and both boys still have to cycle through the shower so if Kyle is already home and showered by the time I get back with Andrew it is all good. You should be impressed that we made it to cello lessons tonight. Since I wasn’t feeling well, we missed 2 weeks in a row…I simply just was exhausted and feeling crappy and forgot. I made sure I didn’t forget tonight, I programmed a reminder into my cell phone to go off 5 minutes before he needed to be there. Woohoo! Anyway, back to the knitting…I went digging in the bag to get my crochet hook out and did not find it. The bad part of this is that I have no clue where it is at now. *sigh*

So I sat and read a magazine instead. Website Magazine.

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