I’m having a printing good time

I found online some sampling PDF files of some books I have had my eyes on. I am busy printing those. These are sample “chapters” of the real books. I am still printing the first one and I have it printing double sided. I started that print job at 2:20pm-ish. Interesting. Lots of pages.

I switched to printing 2 pages per page, double sided for the other documents. Hopefully, they will print much faster as the other one is STILL going at 2:36pm). Of course this will make reading them a bit harder as the font will be so stinking small, but I am up for the challenge considering the documents run from around 50-120 pages. That’s a lot of paper to use up for a “sampling”.

Now to find time to read these and see if I really want to invest in the books themselves. I hope they are worth the time and paper it is taking to print.

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