As far as hamburgers go…

As far as hamburgers go, that one wasn’t half bad….

I took my brother to school again this morning. On the way back, he insisted we stop at Sonic and get their “Brown Bag Special” for $6.99 each. No big deal. I was hungry and he was buying. The “Brown Bag Special” has 2 hamburgers, fries, and drinks. It is served in a brown bag.

I make it no secret that I am not a fan of hamburgers. I am not. I don’t willingly eat hamburgers and I haven’t in many many years. I just don’t like “plain” ground beef. Ick! I love meatloaf so it isn’t the ground beef part…just the bland part.

Well I have to confess that I enjoyed it. It was cheaper than we have been able to get a “hamburger” in a long while and it was quite tasty. The patty was a bit thinner than most places so it helped with the real fatty meaty thing. It has actually set in my stomach quite nicely and hasn’t made me run to the bathroom due to the fat content. That helps. Sometimes it sucks to not have a gall bladder.

My friend Mindy came over this afternoon to just hang out. Hi Mindy! Thanks for the company. I enjoyed it. We need to do it again soon. Well we got all carried away and time just slipped away from us. She was supposed to be home around 5pm. Andrew comes in asking about karate at 5:26pm. OOOPS! So we scramble to get out the door. I leave Lance with Ben so that he can get him fed and into bed. I run by Sonic to grab the boys a “brown bag special” on the way to karate. They agreed that it was a good hamburger. It wasn’t just me then!

Now, it came up to be slightly more than $6.99 but still “affordable” in comparison to Wendy’s, McDonalds, or Whataburger (who have all raised their prices again). I think the price difference was the fact that we added cheese to the burgers. I am sure they will sell plenty of them at that price!

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