Nothing exciting

Nothing exciting happened today. We’ll call it a typical Friday.

I did finally make it into the Ace Hardware that is closing. Evidently they are having a huge “give away” of prizes as well. Giving away a lot of stuff if you collect so many “points” for doing various things – show up, show up with a friend or child, buy stuff, etc. Anyway the one with the most points wins. There are 3 or 4 different prize packages. I doubt that I’ll win. While I did show up with myself and Lance and I did buy something, I didn’t buy very much. I spent just under $15. I bought: 1 package of 18 gauge 1″ brad nails, 5 enamel coated metal mugs (to go with the camping stuff), 1 large metal magnetic clip, and a package of 2 small metal magnetic clips. That’s it. There was nothing that spectacularly priced that I had to buy it right then and there. They were out of both size of AC filters I needed or I would have stocked up on those. I am not sure I’ll go back in that is how underwhelmed I was.

We had steak for dinner. I used up what was left of the potatoes that needed to used and made real mashed potatoes. Pretty tasty.

Like I said, nothing exciting.

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