Get your errands done early

It looks like today I need to go get my errands done early. I don’t have many, fortunately.

I need to run to the store to get aluminum foil pans, 2-3 bags of italian cheese, another box of lasagna noodles, and a pound of italian sausage. I need these things to finish constructing the lasagnas to put in the freezer. I had more sauce than usual and not enough pans to put in the freezer. – Done! I just need to brown the sausage and construct the lasagnas. Of course I bought a few other “needs” while at Wal-mart. Still got out for under $35 so it is all good.

I want to run to the Ace Hardware that is closing and see if I can get some AC filters while I can get them at half the cost as the other store that carries them. – Well, I went. I drove through the parking lot even. I knew it was going to be bad when there were NO parking spots in the parking lot and people were parking in the “tow away” zones. I am not that brave. I’ll go back later.

I need to run to the bank to make a deposit. – Done! That was an easy one.

Then not so much an errand, but I need to call the tax place and set an appointment.

Today we’re supposed to get some more rain, more severe thunder storms. We got some pretty intense storms last night. This afternoon we’re supposed to have another round of these storms. We’re supposed to have more rain tomorrow. The rain is very much needed. I won’t complain about that. It is just the timing – going home time and then ultimately the time we’ll be going back out for evening activities.

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