Another Monday, another headache

So I’ve made it no secret that we are in full blown Spring here in Gulf-Coast Texas. There is no denying it anyway. The sheer amount of people affected by allergies gives the little secret away. The yellow coating of pollen dust everywhere does not help hide anything either. It is Spring. It is allergy season. They say today that the trees and grass are blooming – the pollen levels are in the heavy range for the trees and the medium levels for the grasses. Go figure. Then you add the mold spore levels in the heavy range and I am guaranteed to have a headache. I woke up with an ache this morning. Not bad, but there. I haven’t gone outside yet, so maybe we can get it under control before it gets bad. Alas I’ll go out later.

Today I am going to call Adobe, make a grocery list, maybe even go grocery shopping, do some digital design, make some phone calls, do a ton of laundry, do the dishes. Sounds like an ordinary Monday to me.

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