We have a shoulder

So I was diligently knitting along on the last sleeve of the baby sweater I am working on. I was making a mistake here or there, most I’ve made in a while – guess I shouldn’t multi-task while knitting. I then started to put together the sweater itself as all the parts are done. I redid the shoulder seam 2x because I didn’t like it. Then I picked up all 57 stitches to do the ribbing for the neck (it buttons shut on one side) and screwed the ribbing and buttonhole placement up so had to rip that out and redo it. Then I put the one sleeve onto the sweater (flat) and took it back off because I didn’t like how it looked. I finally just went to bed after putting it back on. I figured I had better do the side seam with a fresh outlook on life. *laugh* So…I have 1 sleeve to put in and 2 side seams to stitch and I am done with the sweater. AND it is only Monday. I knew this would be a good time line for me. So tomorrow you should be hearing “I finished!”

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