Knit 1, Purl 1, Knit 1, Purl 1, Knit…

So I finished the “front” of the baby sweater tonight. It turned out nicely. Now I need to stitch together one shoulder seam so I can do the neckline ribbing.

I am not sure I like the “button hole” on the one shoulder. It just doesn’t seem very big. Of course, this is a “baby” sweater. *sigh* I wonder if I have 2 buttons that size…I really don’t know. It is a white sweater. I am sure I’ve got some dark or bright colored buttons that sized, but not sure about white ones.

I ripped out the entire sleeve I had already knitted. It took me half the time this time! *happy dance* It only took me about 1.5 hours to knit the entire sleeve tonight from cast on to bind off. I even only used 2/3 of the yarn I ripped out of the initial sleeve. WOW! Go me! Anyway, using that time frame, I could in theory finish the other sleeve tonight before I head to bed. That would still put me into be right around midnight.

I’m going to continue blogging instead…does anyone have a problem with that? I didn’t think so.

I said that I should have the sweater completed by Monday. That is still the plan as the weekends aren’t always as easy to work through when you’ve got other things going on. All I have left to do are: 1 sleeve to knit, shoulder seam to finish, neckline ribbing to knit, stitch on sleeves, and do the side seams. Oh, and stitch on the buttons. I need to make sure I have enough “markers” to mark the positioning for the sleeves.

I am excited. I want to knit myself a sweater.

I am getting more and more excited about cracking out the sweater machine and maybe whipping out a few bodies and just doing the finishing details by hand…we’ll see…I found my pattern books for that today while working in the office on organizing things.

I need to commit to finishing that sampler afghan. Since I am not a huge fan of the yarn it is not looking like so much fun to go back to it after working with the “Simply Soft” yarn being used on the sweater. It is just soft and easy to work with. I’m going to finish it though! I am! I am! Besides, I want to do some cables!

After finishing the afghan…or maybe after knitting another 5 squares…I want to really try my hand at the teddy bear in the same knitting magazine as the baby sweater pattern. It is cute. It looks fairly simple to knit while construction is a bit more confusing. There are patterns for the sweaters that go on the bear as well. Cute cute. I will need to find a substitute for the yarn as it is using Yogi by Filatura Di Crosa yarn line (from the Tahki•Stacy Charles, Inc). I can’t even find that particular yarn on their website. It is 1.75oz balls that contain approximately 55yds each. The pattern calls fro 6 balls of this stuff. It is using size 10 needles. I am wondering if the Lion Brand Homespun yarn would be a suitable substitution. I’ll have to compare stitch gauges. The magazine says that it is a “super bulky” weight yarn. I will have to see what I can figure out.

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