Another good week for Kyle

Kyle has good weeks and bad weeks. Often there are weeks where he has a F in his Wednesday folder. Last week was one of those weeks. Spelling test. This week, however, was a great week! He got an 89 (B), 93 (A), and the rest of the papers were 100’s (A)! Good job, Kyle! May next week be as good…

Took Andrew to the doctor this afternoon. He woke up again with a low grade fever. The doctor thinks he possibly had the strain of the flu not covered by the flu shot this year. Evidently the other doctor in their practice had it. Andrew’s cello teacher had the flu 2 weeks ago. So it is going around. She was glad that he did not seem to be too infectious since the rest of us hadn’t gotten the worst of it. She was, however, worried about secondary infections. *sigh* She thinks that he has pneumonia again and she’s worried that he’s developing a sinus infection as well. Since he presented with the exact same symptoms the last time he had pneumonia, she felt there was no need for x-rays unless he doesn’t improve in the next couple of days with the antibiotics. She said his one lung sounded horrible and it hurts to tap on certain spots on his back. So he’s got 2 antibiotics and a cough medicine to take. I will run back to the pharmacy later and pick up his medicine. They had a 30 minute wait through the pharmacy drive through this afternoon and I needed to be home for Kyle getting off the school bus. Anyway, he’s cleared to go back to school tomorrow if he wants, but he’s out of PE (karate) until Monday at least.

Lance was really concerned when I said “doctor” today and the fact that he’d have to go with me. He was worried that he’d be getting more shots. We’re still trying to catch up on his vaccinations, so he had a lot of shots back to back and he’s now very worried about going to the doctor. He still has a few shots that he needs, but I am not worried about them right now. We’ll get the household well again and then we will get back to the shots. He even told the doctors (as he saw them) that he was NOT getting a shot today. *laugh*

I went out this morning to get the “writing guide mat” I bought laminated. I got this mat from Any Thing Left Handed. I went to the Office Depot that had a teacher supply store (Eraser Dust) sitting next to it. I figured either of those places would be able to do the lamination for me. The mat was “kind of” laminated, but we wanted to protect the edges as well. I went into the Eraser Dust first figuring they would most likely do it. Sure thing. Of course the lady was more than happy to point out to me that the mat was already “laminated”. Yes, I didn’t ask you if it was already laminated, I told you wanted it laminated! It isn’t laminated, it is “coated” but the edges will still wear. So I wanted to make sure it would last especially for as much as I paid for it and the wait I had to wait to get it. *sigh* So she does it and tells me how much it is…they charge by the foot…It is only 92¢! Yay! I kindly asked if there was a minimum order to use my debit/credit card. There was! $5 minimum. Crap! I do NOT carry cash with me very often and I did not have my purse with me. I was going hunt for something to buy…it was a teacher supply store after all, I am sure I could find at least one thing to buy…the lady simply said, “just go ahead and take it at not cost.” *grin* YAY!!! She didn’t have to. Anyway, the bad news is that The Eraser Dust will be closing their doors sometimes in the next 4-6 weeks.

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