Will they be saying “What is this?”

So we have had issues with our upstairs bathroom – along the lines of the toilet overflowing, twice, and invading the floor below it. So we’ve had the bathroom off limits for a while. As Hurricane Ike was rolling into town, we [mainly my older sister, Ann] were working dutifully on getting the tank innards replaced so we could have that bathroom back in commission for my sister and her kids…and our kids too, of course. Alas, that didn’t stop the over flow problem. Replacing that toilet has been on the back burner. We want to replace it with a Class 5 Flusher. We want more POWER! We do have boys after all. Alas, this doesn’t solve the over flowing problem RIGHT NOW.

I just called the plumber. I called Milton Frank. They are relatively close. They are not necessarily cheap, but I’ve heard good things. I can tell you that so far my experience with them has been phenomenal. The lady that answered the phone was FANTASTIC, energetic, and “happy” to take my call. I told her I had a few things to have done and she had to describe each problem one by one.

Alas, the question still remains on if the plumber will be asking me tomorrow, “What is this?”

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