So I got the date wrong, but it is on my calendar now

Last night I posted about there possibly being a mid-week activity with the ladies at church. I just went out to my car in the bitter [for Texas] cold in the garage to get the paper where I jotted down my note about it. It isn’t today, it is next week on the 20th. So I’ve put that on my master calendar. Something to look forward to next week.

Andrew comes out of the office all panicked. Why? Because the computer just died. He couldn’t get it to turn back on. I don’t know what was wrong with it, to be honest with you. It is ultimately on the short “replace this” list as it is old and more and more is going wrong with it. Last week it was the video card. Today it just died. The front light was still on. Freaky! I unplugged the power cord and waited a few seconds, plugged it back in and it worked just fine. Maybe it is like me and ready to crawl back into bed with the extreme cold [for Texas] that we’re experiencing today. Ultimately, it means that we can postpone an expensive trip to the Apple store for a few more days at least. Maybe the kids are sabotaging the computer so they can get an Apple iMac to replace their current PC?

We woke up this morning to 26˚F temperatures. They say we have been at or below freezing for over 11 hours at this point. I know that we were at 31˚F at 10:30pm last night. All I can say is, “BRRRRRR!!!!!” I stepped out in the garage to get something and my feet are still cold. I can’t imagine how cold it is outside as I haven’t been brave enough to open the door. The kids have left for the school bus through the garage so I was protected from that gust of air as they had already closed the door to the house.

Right now, as I sit here listening to Lance (4.5) whine about how he wants to play a different game…I think a trip to the Apple Store would be more pleasant with the whole current sinus headache thing I’ve got going on. I suppose I should get up and go change the game for him because he doesn’t know how to shut it down and “it doesn’t work.” UGH! Why can’t they just make things easy enough for the average 4 year old to do by themselves?

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