More pictures…I might ramble too…who knows

Today’s post is all about the pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

Picture from January 18, 2009

More knitting – project #2 for 2009 – scarf for an 18″ doll that matches the poncho that resulted from project #1.

Detailed shot – just how long does one make a scarf for an 18″ doll?

Picture from January 19-20, 2009

I’ve got sets of pictures today because I forgot a day. I fell asleep after a busy day.

Clementine Oranges – Small, easy to peal, and fun to eat. Tasty!

This redefines “monster truck” – Lance’s present from “Sitty.” A HUGE Tonka dump truck. Yes, that is Lance (4 years old) sitting in the truck! He LOVES this “dumpster truck.”

The “naked” Christmas tree still stands (even today). Maybe by day’s end it will be back in storage. I figure it isn’t February yet so it is all good.

Picture from January 21, 2009

Two today because I just couldn’t resist!

Knitting project #2 of 2009 – complete!

Knitting project #3 of 2009 – started! Yes, it is pink. Yet another doll poncho. By year end we should have a full wardrobe for all these dolls. Maybe next I’ll knit something for “Froggy.” I’ll have to see if this will fit “Froggy” as he is about the same size. *scratching head*

Picture from January 22, 2009

You know, taking just ONE picture is hard! Today I have three.

Katlynn – my youngest niece.

Lance and Froggy – They (Katlynn, Froggy, and Lance) were entranced by the movie “Stuart Little.”

Jennifer – my younger sister.

Picture from January 23, 2009

More knitting! Love it! I am not a fan of the color pink, but this is turning out cute. I am liking the yarn as it is just smooth and flows over the needles nicely. Did you know you can knit with “lollipop” sticks? Well you can if you sharpen the end of it. These are roughly a size 6 needle. The double pointed needles are a size 5. It was close enough for my needs.

The hole. *scratching head* There do not appear to be any dropped stitches as it is not “running.” It is where the needles are…the double pointed needles. I assume I just didn’t pull that joining stitch tight enough there or it could be that I “slipped” a stitch without actually knitting it. I was distracted with an unruly Lance. It is cute all the same.

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