Monday morning and 2 of the kids are off to school

Today it is just Ben, Lance, and I at home. Ben is clearly working in his office. Yippee! Lance is trying to play LEGO Batman on the computer. I am sitting here trying to wake up after a restless night. I just simply did not sleep well. I’ve got a sinus headache going on right now. It is not bad, just there. The bulk of the garbage is out to the curb – thanks boys. The recycling bin even made it out to the curb today – thanks Andrew.

Today, however, there is plenty to be done…I should start my list now and just check it off as I go. Let’s see…(in no particular order)…

• Eat breakfast so I can take some allergy medicine for the sinus headache. I can’t put them in an empty stomach unless I am eating immediately afterward. – Done, I even fed Lance.

• Finish up the dishes that need to be hand-washed and reload the dishwasher. – Partially done, I did hand-wash a couple of things and loaded the dishwasher. There is always tomorrow to finish this.

• Laundry – does it ever end? – Started, washer is running now

• Go to Target to get a pair of shoes I saw. I hope they have some left as they were on clearance. I also need some more popcorn cups. – Leaving now (well as soon as I get out of PJs and into warmer clothes for our feels like 39˚F temperatures outside)! – Completely struck out on both accounts. *sigh*

• Work on website design for client. I am in the process of putting in fake pictures to see if I have got the “look” right. Then email another screen shot to the client. – Email sent. Need to step away from it for a few minutes as I changed something and now it is missing 5 little pictures.

• Call same website client to meet with him about discussing the website. – Sent email with my availability this week, requesting a time to meet for discussion.

• Finish compiling a collection of digital scrapbook kit papers and elements for a “portfolio” of sorts. I am trying to apply to other stores and need this to submit my work to them for checking out. I am determined to make it work this year. – I’ve picked my items to include in the “sampling of my work” to go with the designer applications. I need to still compile a list of places that I am going to submit my application to.

• Laundry – again! – Dryer is running, washer was reloaded.

• Finish up grandma and grandpa’s year end scrapbook and get it uploaded somewhere to print. This will probably take me more than today, but alas I am going to work on it still the same. Even if I only get one more layout done, that is one more layout than I had done yesterday.

• Eat lunch. – Done, even fed Lance.

• Pull out some boneless pork chops for dinner so they can defrost. Done.

• Work on some design work. – If picking stuff for designer application counts, I’m done. Naw, really this is separate. I really haven’t gotten to it yet today because I’ve had too much else to do.

• Laundry – it doesn’t end after all. – Dryer and washer have been restarted again.

• Sweep and vacuum hard floors. I should mop, but I am not feeling that energetic today. – Swept, waiting for the piano tuner to leave before I run the stick vac. – Finally ran the stick vac. I am loving my Eureka Lightweight Stick Vacuum. I got it in lime green.

• Start taking down Christmas decorations.

• Order the Grocery Game book, Shop Smart, Save More: Learn The Grocery Game and Save Hundreds of Dollars a Month. – Ben told to hold off a couple of weeks.

• Make my grocery list and go shopping! – Logged into The Grocery Game, does that count? – Kind of done. I’ve at least got the list started. Now I need to whittle it back down to the budget level and pull all my coupons.

• Head to Staples to get notepads for Ben. – Done. Struck out completely on that one. None of the 3 packs of notepads for $1 left. It is only Monday evening and they were completely sold out of their $1 deals except for the binder clips.

• Even more laundry – it never ends. It just keeps on going like the Energizer Bunny. – Not only have I managed to get a lot of laundry done today, I’ve gotten a fair amount of it folded even. I am about the put the last load of laundry for the day in the dryer. I’ll start again tomorrow, but I won’t have nearly as much to do tomorrow.

• Make dinner – pork stir-fry of some sort. – Done. Eaten even. It wasn’t half bad.

• Take the older 2 boys to karate class. – Done!

• Work on learning the “continental” method of knitting. – Done. I managed to cast on 60 stitches and do a knit 1, purl 1 pattern 2x across. I am not going to be setting any speed records anytime soon, but I am giving it a good honest attempt.

I am sure there is something that got left off the list somewhere. I am sure that I’ll find other things to do as well. I am sure…I’ll get started soon, just as soon as I warm up enough.

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