Lots done, still undone

You can get a lot done during the course of a day, but still have so much more than still needs to be done. Such is the case today. I can’t complain about the progress I made on things today, but I am still no where near being done with what I need to get done. So much to do, not enough hours in the day.

I’ve done a lot of house work the last 2-3 days. It is looking nice, one little thing at a time. I’ve got dry hands today. A reaction to the cleaners. I’ve got 1 clean bathroom. I’ve got clean rugs, all drying. I’ve got partially clean floors in the kitchen and dining area. Still working on those as they were way past needing to be mopped. Lots of stuff done.

I managed to get all the dishes for the day done by noon…now for dinner…I had that in the oven ready and set to turn on and bake at 5:15pm. It has been in the oven since about 4pm. It is smelling good right now.

Off to finish mopping the floors…and to put some lotion on those dry hands.

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