It has been established that…

It has been establish that Andrew cannot walk past an unsolved Rubik’s Cube without solving it. There is something that just draws him to it. I personally think that it bugs something in his inner being if a Rubik’s Cube is unsolved. I am sure the fact that he can solve the thing (standard 3×3 cube) in less than 2 minutes.

As a result of this establishment, torture has begun. A solved Rubik’s cube is messed up and left in the open – anywhere visible. It is just left, unsolved. Then you just wait. Then ultimately, you get to watch him solve the thing quickly, with robotic repetition, and with the occasional glance “at” the cube. He’ll then set it down and walk away.

For a long time, he’d ask us to mess it up for him. That’s a challenge in itself. I think it is more of a challenge to mess the thing up than it is to solve it. I suppose he got bored with it. The thing is, impulsively he just can’t walk past an unsolved one. It taunts him. It mocks him. It screams at him until he quiets the beast and we are left with a perfectly solved Rubik’s cube all over again.

Of course, where there is one solved Rubik’s cube, there is soon to be an unsolved one.

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