I’m having a knitting good time

We’re only 21 days into January and I’ve already finished knitting project two and have started knitting project three. Go me! I am not sure that the scarf is the right length, but how long do you make a scarf for an 18″ doll? I made it approximately 24″ long. We’ll see. I’ll have to test it on a doll when I get to mom’s again and use the infamous Fancy Nancy doll to test it. Fashion show time!

I grabbed a skein of pink and white varigated yarn from Wal-mart when I was there the other night. So far I am liking the texture of it. I wasn’t so sure. It is pink so this should be fun as I am not a fan of pink.

I used a different type of “cast on” method tonight to cast on the stitches. I was using the “quick cast on” method. I noticed when I switched to using the “continental method” of knitting that those initial stitches were incredibly loose and lacy looking. I wasn’t pleased. So I tried a different method and I am impressed at how consistently spaced and taut the stitches are on the next row. It definitely takes a bit longer to get the stitches cast on but I think it will yield more consistent results and that I am all for.

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