And we’re off…

OK, so we’re not off yet. We’ll be off in a few minutes. After I finish this blog post. After I feed myself and Lance some breakfast. After I brush my hair. After Lance and I are out of PJs. Wow, that’s a lot to get done just to get out the door. Fortunately, it won’t take long. It will take me longer to pull Lance away from Sponge Bob.

What is on tap for today?

Getting things for Andrew and Ben’s camping trip this weekend with the Boy Scouts – compass, backpack for Andrew (if I don’t have one stashed somewhere), hot dog buns, ketchup and mustard (have those in the cupboard, but I think I’ll get them smaller ones), etc. I have to look at the list again and make sure we’ve got everything else.

I have to go back to the Fishburn Violin Shop. I went last night before karate to get the book that Andrew needed. We got the wrong book. I didn’t pay any attention at the time. We grabbed the one for violin, we needed the one for cello. So I have to take that and exchange it.

I will work some more on my portfolio. It is coming together nicely now that I’ve got something that is sitting nicely with my person and my eye. I am to the stage of taking screenshots and getting things plugged in. I’ll then have to put the details in. All in all, I should be done by Monday. I at least have something to show for my efforts which is what I wanted to accomplish this week. It is no longer just thoughts and ideas swimming around in my head.

I need to decide on something for dinner. *sigh* I am not sure what we’re going to do yet. No idea. It will just be Kyle, Lance, and I so I suppose it doesn’t have to be spectacular. I don’t know. *scratching head*

Ben and Andrew are camping tonight. I’ll probably stay up late watching ER since Ben had a friend over last night to watch Burn Notice with him. We popped popcorn. I sat and played on the computer.

I want to get some more knitting done today. I’ve done a little this morning. This is going much faster in my opinion than the last one did. I think it helps that I know what I am doing this time through. I’ve managed to pick up a little speed again. The yarn is nice to work with. I am still not happy about working with double pointed needles, but I am giving it another full hearted attempt. I’ll try to post pictures later today. I’m not liking the color…it is too pink for my tastes…but it is working up nicely.

Lance is telling me his is starving so I suppose I should get started on the list and work until it is done.

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