A good grocery trip

I know that most people don’t care about grocery shopping, they’d rather dread it. That’s fine, you can do whatever you want. I, however, will continue to enjoy the grocery store and the shopping that is involved with it. It was just over a year ago that I was dreading the grocery store and found myself nearly in tears – over budget yet once again. TONIGHT made it all the work worth while!

Tonight, I spent exactly $81.55 out of our account. That’s it! That’s 2 stores too. My complete total was just over $91 but I had some small bills for the other $10 that I used up. Yes, I got groceries for $81.55 this week. I was very excited when I totaled it up. The goal was $100 and I did it! Go me!

In this grocery trip, I also picked up stuff for my niece’s Christmas gift. That’s 3 Christmas gifts (to date) bought at the grocery store.

So what does one get for $91???

Not included in this picture…is the 4 gallons of milk that I also bought. It is actually unusual that I only buy 4 gallons of milk but we didn’t go through it very fast that week.

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