Today was our first day at the pool for the summer

Today was the boys’ first full day out of school for the summer and thus it was the first day we went to the pool (I was feeling brave). The boys had a blast, especially Lance. They didn’t even let the fact that we were dodging light rain showers off and on get them down. We made 2 trips to the pool today.

Lance has no fear of the water. I am glad that I had put the life jacket on him when we went the first time (it was just me and the 3 boys). I kept hearing the “me can swim” or “me a super swimmer” all the way to the pool. I knew I was in trouble. Good thing I grabbed it and put it on him, because he walked down the steps and right off into the water.

I don’t care for the life jacket for the purpose that it has so much bouyency that it kept flipping him onto his face in the water. Not a good thing. I knew it would keep him afloat though, so we wore it for a little while simply so that I could get him used to the amount of water without worrying about him going under completely.

We quickly had the life jacket off and he was jumping in the pool and managing to get around on a pool noodle. He definitely needs swimming lessons but I would not be surprised if he’s swimming with ease by the end of summer. I am in the process of trying to find him some lessons.

Kyle while he’s not a fantastic swimmer he was jumping in the pool like a pro. Think cannon ball! This is a huge improvement over last year when he didn’t even want to jump into the pool. He’s still hesitant in the water. I think he’ll get it eventually, but he’s just not there yet.

Andrew still amazes me with which stroke he prefers to use. Of course, he does have the shoulders to carry through.

It started to rain so we headed home. Lance was so excited he walks right into the house, through our bedroom door, into daddy’s office (I hope he wasn’t on a conference call) and says “mommy said you take me to the pool.” Ben came out saying “I think we have a lack of communication here.” *laugh* Lance was ready to go back RIGHT NOW, not later like what I told him.

We did head back to the pool. I did not get into the pool this time. I had enough of the pool water this morning. I did go watch. I was going to take the camera and then head home after a few shots. Not what happened. Lance begged me to stay and watch him. He was so excited. He was just as content as could be with a noodle and daddy close by. He was even hanging out in the 5’6″ area of the pool without fear. I told you the child had no fear.

I am loving the new lens I bought for my camera! Thank you Marissa for encouraging me to get it. It is fabulous. I am still learning the ins and outs of it, but I am loving it so far.

Here are some shots I got today:

Lance — check out the splashes (right in his face)!

Lance and Ben — This is when Lance got daddy “all wet” as he jumped off the edge of the pool!

Andrew! Yes, that is water running down his face!

Kyle — check the water dripping off his ear!

Andrew and his goofy grin — check out the bubbles in the water!

Alas tomorrow is a new day. There is ample opportunity to go swimming again. The pool is open every day except Monday’s. The boys were not wanting to go home, but it was dinner time and daddy was tired and hungry (not quite a grumpy bear, yet).

Mental note to self: get more sun screen (we’re going to need it)!

I am also going to be buying a new swimming suit for myself. The last one I bought I bought back when I was pregnant with Lance. It is too big now. The other one I have has is who knows how old (read much older) and it is too big as well. We almost had a wardrobe malfunction on our first trip to the pool as Lance thrashes and grabs for anything to hold onto after jumping into the pool. Ooops! But I think it is time. It isn’t like I go through them every year or anything.

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