Maybe I should make Thursday the Official Blog Day

It has been a while since I have blogged. I have good reasons, really I do. I have been insanely busy.

We all got sick around here and it took almost 8 complete weeks to get us all well. This is not good. I am not sure that my husband is 100% well yet. He seems to have been hit the hardest by the respiratory bug that was going around. And here I sit and I am having flashback, reminders of the fact that I was supposed to take Lance back in at the 3 week mark to get his ears checked again. I need to go find the receipt for his last doctor’s visit to find out when that was. I’ve been too busy and just overlooked it. I need to do that.

Of course, I couldn’t get well without one more thing going wrong first. Two weekends ago I broke out in massive hives! Bad. It started on Friday night, but Saturday I just hurt. Off to a local walk-in clinic to get the treatment started. Of course, the next day my husband is flying out of town for business. CRAZY! I was drugged up and completely out of it. Fortunately, a tough drug regimine isn’t something that I haven’t had before so after adjusting the dose spacing I was feeling better. Monday yielded a hives rash flare-up, but so far so good. I am still having some itching but I think it might be mental. We’re not entirely sure what caused it. I strongly believe that it was a “cross reaction” between something I ate and the pollen outside. It is ragweed and goldenrod season after all, and they are in full bloom. I ate a “trail mix” at a friend’s house that I hadn’t had before. I am sure there were seeds in there that while I normally wouldn’t have reacted to them. . . they probably fall in the same plant family as the horid ragweed and goldenrod. . . thus creating a lovely “cross reaction.” NOT FUN! I need to go find out what exactly was in the mix. Then I need to go to the allergist and see what else I should be avoiding.

On the busy front. . .

I am still battling with the whole CRAZY INSANE TO-DO LISTS!!! I am still making the lists. At least if I make them, I am less likely to overlook and flat out ignore things that I really do need to get done. One thing to be happy about is that over the past week, the list has gotten considerably shorter. Of course, I wonder what is right around the corner about to fall face first into my lap and double the length of my list again. For now, I will enjoy marking things off and making the list shorter as we go.

I was taking a biology class at the local community college to go toward my degree requirements. I am not a science person to begin with. I just don’t like it. I don’t care for it. It does not interest me. It never has. It probably never will. This class kicked my butt. I couldn’t just take a standard term (16 weeks) class, I had to take the fast-track version of the course. Remember that these are completely online courses. . . everything right down to the labs are done online. No in-classroom time at all, the online forum is the classroom. I am pretty bright. I do well even in things that I don’t always get and certainly don’t always like. I figured “what the heck, it is only 8 weeks of torture and then I am done with it.” So in I went. Oh boy! That was a very fast paced 8 weeks. That is a LOT of information to cover in 8 weeks. It was constantly biology. Nevermind that I also had another class on top of this one. . . it was all about biology during these 8 weeks. Lots of reading. Lots of reading that is going over my head. Lots of work. Let us not forget that group research paper complete with power point presentation. UGH! TORTURE! The sad part is that I really miss the class now that it has been out for a couple of weeks. I don’t miss the intense coursework and studying, but I do miss the online course experience. Of all of my online courses, this has been the absolute BEST class in the “experience” department. The professor really made an effort and encouraged to not only think outside the box, but to learn about ourselves and our interactions with others. This was the most interactive class I have ever been in and it was also the best in the experience department. No, I didn’t learn everything biology I should probably know, but I did learn a lot and I had a fun time doing it. Thanks Mr. Boyle! For what it is worth, I got a B in the course! I was so stinking close to the A that it wasn’t funny, but alas I didn’t quite make it. Getting the B stings the GPA a bit, but I’m sure I’ll recover fairly quickly.

I have been working around the clock. . . well, it feels like that after spending 8 hours in front of a computer doing nothing but. . . working on capturing and editing karate tournament videos for Texas Sport Karate News. This is a lot of work. I am several tournaments behind. Everyone is being patient. I am probably less patient with myself. I am just overwhelmed and it is a lot to get caught up. My goal is to be caught up by Super Grands (usually Thanksgiving weekend). Today I finished all of the Acapulco tournament. It looks like I will finish all of the Ocean Nationals tournament as well. Then I’ll be onto the others I haven’t done yet. It is a lot of work. I’ve uploaded something close to 150 video clips in the last 2-3 days and I in the process of editing another 30-40 clips.a

We won’t forget my own web design company, Inventive Site Strategies, Inc. We’ve had another client job done. I liked it. It was a nice change from the past several we have had. I am now waiting for the next one. . . I am not sure when that will be. Of course, there is always the Texas Sport Karate News. . .

I have been trying to do some more kit design work for The Daily Scrap. Finding the time to do the whole digital scrapbooking thing is hard. It is even harder to find the time to design kits for sale. I currently have 4 kits and an alpha almost completed and ready to be released to the public. I just need to do some more finishing touches and get them all zipped up. How to find the time? I really need to find enough time to start working on some CD Case Calendards. I think they will be fun. If I could just scrap a couple of pages, that would be fun too.

Phi Theta Kappa is also keeping me busy. Being an officer is a fair amount of work. The last project I was working on was arranging a speaker for our STOP Petition Party held on Oct 26. We managed to get Dr Thompson from the Children’s Assessment Center of Houston to come speak. I unfortunately, was not able to attend the event but I heard Dr Thompson was a wonderful speaker. He personally invited our chapter to help out with their holiday charity events, specifically sorting toys and possibly sponsoring toy bags for the children at the center. What a neat opportunity! I am speaking to their event/activity coordinator in the morning to get more details on these activities to take back to the other officers. We just had Induction Orientation on Monday night (Oct 30th). I think we had a pretty good turn out, there were probably close to 100 people there. Induction is November 19th which is also Founder’s Day for Phi Theta Kappa. Saturday is a district Honors Conference. This will be my first to attend.

I wish I had more time to read. I have had a deep desire to go to the book store lately. I am not entirely sure why. I guess I just haven’t had anything to read except a biology book in so long. Of course, it isn’t entirely for pleasure reading. Oh who am I trying to fool? I do take pleasure in reading web design and graphic design technical manuals. I must be screwed up in the head to say that. . . but I really do get almost as much enjoyment out of reading a good web design book as I do from reading Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy. I have a want list that just keeps growing. I was browsing earlier and found more that I want. I better stay away from both and Barnes & Noble. I might be safe at Half Priced Books though. I just want to go to the book store and buy a couple of web design and graphic design books. . . ok?!?!?! But how does one decide on just 1 or 2 when there are so many options to choose from?!?!?!

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