When all else fails

I have plenty to do. I have a “to do” list that is at least 2 miles long and constantly growing (or at least that is the way it seems). Somehow I find ways to get it all done, but at what cost? Usually it is at the cost of sleep. Who needs to sleep anyway, right? Or the dishes. . . who needs to do dishes? I suppose I should stock up more on paper plates, bowls, cuts and plastic utensils. Or the laundry. . . who needs to wear clean clothes? Let us forget that it is near 100 degress (F) outside and sweating happens before 9am.

Of course, I think my “to do” list would disappear faster if I could find a more constant supply of MOTIVATION! Where do you find it when it just up and leaves? It seems that these days I have so much to do that I just don’t want to do any of them regardless of their importance. I have gotten bored with the same old stuff that never makes it off the “to do” list. . . or is it that it just keeps creeping back? I am not sure. . .

Variety tends to be lacking on this “to do” list these days. It is always the same old thing. It really does stink. I mean, I just want to scrapbook (digitally, of course).

Alas, there are HOURS of karate tournament videos calling my name. Mocking me. Calling me. Yelling at me to just get them done and they’ll leave me alone for a few days. But the editing time on an hour of video is painfully longer than an hour. I need better tools. My ideas cannot function with what I have. My creativity is stiffled. I find myself lusting after a Mac of all things.

And when there aren’t karate videos. . . well actually, even when there are karate videos needing my assistance. . . I have a website or two or three to design and create and evovle. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE web design! I do. I really do! But lately, it is the same old project. Clients who drive me nuts because they can’t make up their minds on what they want and once you’ve given them what you thought they wanted (and they even approved) they get upset and you start the process all over again. That is the hard part. Why can’t they all be as easy as Sutherland Photography? I had so much fun doing that site. It was the “perfect” site. If such a thing exists. I guess I need to do a few basic mundane websites again to get that feeling and desire to do more again.

That said. . . my “to do” list (in no particular order):
1. Finish 1 website design (the ideas aren’t working, but that is just an area of frustration for me).
2. Finish 2 splash pages for above site (don’t ask, it is bad practice, but I didn’t make the decision, I just do what I am told).
3. Edit 2 banner ads (have to fix typos and add a contact phone number).
4. Finish editing videos from 2-3 tournaments (I lost count).
5. Finish capturing video from 2 of the above tournaments.
6. Capture video from another tournament and edit it.
7. Finish re-encoding and uploading video clips from the above tournament (thank goodness I do have some help editing some of these).
8. Finish at least 2 digital scrapbooking kits (complete with their terms of use files).
9. Upload first kit to The Daily Scrap store for sale (I am hopeful that I will actually make money off my efforts).
10. Scrapbook.
11. Finish painting a bedroom that is way past due for being done.
12. Get the older 2 boys ready for going back to school.
13. Do graphic work for another website (should be easy).

I am sure I can find plenty of other things to do. Oh wait, there is something in the back of my head saying “housework.” I am trying to get caught up on the laundry. Maybe I will this weekend. I am about halfway caught up on the dishes. . . how do we burn through so many anyway? None of these include the every day things I have to do. You know, things like change dirty diapers and drive kids to activities and cook dinner.

My problem right now is that I am just tired. Exhausted. You’d think that I’d actually sleep. Yeah right. Who needs sleep anyway? I am bored. I am bored with my “to do” list. Can I have someone else’s? Just for a day. I’d like a shorter one. One with NOTHING of importance to do.

But when all else fails. . . I’ll clean my desk. It needs it anyway. At least I am getting something done that needs to be done. Too bad it isn’t on my “to do” list. At least I won’t have anything on the desk to fiddle with any more. Oh wait, the mess on the desk always seems to reproduce. . . given a few days I’ll need to do it all over again.

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