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Ok, so we’re back to the “to do” list. Yep it has grown again. I’d be doing good if I could figure out how to mark off more things than get added to it. If anyone knows how to make that happen, you’ll let me know, right?

Anyway, I wanted to update on the progress, thus far. . .

Not counting the ones I have already completed. . .

#1 on the list. . . almost done. . . I have a couple of things to tweak and I am done done done. It shouldn’t take me long I just need to find about an hour without needy kids to find the end point.

#5 on the list. . . done. . . I have captured video from all the tournaments that I have to capture from. I might have left one off, but it was an early tournament and better 1 than 3-4.

#6 is half done. . . I’ve captured the video, I just need to edit it.

#7 is DONE. . . well it will be when it finishes uploading to the server. Thank you Wally.

#8 on the list is almost done. . . I said I was going to finish 2 digital scrapbooking kits. I have finished 1 so far. I just need to finish typing up the Terms of Use file for the other kit and finish converting the file formats to the appropriate times. YAY!

#9 on the list. . . DONE! I uploaded to the server and sent in my form notifying them that I had uploaded the kit this afternoon. It says 4-8 hours before it appears in the store. I can’t wait!!!

New things on the to-do list:

14. Return Kyle’s new watch (it just quit working 2nd day out of the package)
15. Go to teacher supply store for special writing paper school requested (do it every year)
16. Go to office supply store to get 2″ poly flex binder the school requested
17. Fix something on another website.
18. Find my sanity.

I am sure that I’ll find more things to add to my list. For now I am just slowly checking things off.

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